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Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride
Potassium Chloride
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Product Description

Physical And Chemical Properties:

The chemical compound potassium chloride,is a metal halide salt composed from potassium and chlorine . It is odorless in its pure state and  is obtained  in crystalline structural solid or powdered form .Generally Potassium chloride is colorless, but may be grey, red or pink according to its origin.It resembles very closely to sodium chloride.It occurs purely in nature as mineral sylyite and is found in combination with many minerals, and in brines and in ocean water. It is well soluble in water,alcohol and alkalines. A unique property of potassium chloride is that it easily dissolves itself in warm water than in cold water .


It is the only form of potassium used for pastures. Pharmaceutically, it is used as an essential nutrient, which prevents the lack of natural potassium in the body. It helps in preventing bone loss and stabilizes high blood pressure. Its improve property involves it in the manufacture of many chemicals and in the preparation of most of the potassium compounds. It works as an additive in food processing and as a substitute for salt in many products.


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